Imprints and Outprints

Imprints in clay: These are impressions made in clay of a hand/foot. We would suggest these are better from about 3 months old as a little bit of pressure is needed to create the impression. These cost £30.00 for a single print and £50.00 for a double print with the option of a frame starting from £10.00. We always take two impressions in case of mishaps, if successful the second one is available at half price. After a year old, some children are uncertain of the clay/dough and it can be hard to create a clear impression - they are much more their own little person at this age.

Outprints cast in plaster: Here the hand and foot are pressed into salt dough and then cast in plaster and decorated in the way you wish. Same prices as the Imprints. Outprints are suitable for any age, preferably from about 3 months.  

We are happy to visit your home to complete Imprints and Outprints. There is a minimum spend of £150 which can also include Pottery prints or you may wish to invite a few friends.