Crazy Kiln comes to NCT’s Bumps, Babies and Beyond (Central Warwickshire) group, Kenilworth

Crazy Kiln will be joining Warwickshire Central NCT’s Bumps, Babies and Beyond group in Kenilworth between 10am and 12.30pm at Kenilworth United 
Reformed Church Hall.  Parking is available at the rear of the church, look out for our A-frame to find your way.

We will be offering all our usual hand and footprints on ceramics, including Christmas designs and baubles.  We are also happy to take your child’s inkless prints, which are used to create silver jewellery and leather keyrings.

All completed pieces will be returned to the group in 3 weeks time.

All parents of small children are welcome, just come along, £2 per family entrance fee.

Kenilworth United Reformed Church, Abbey Hill, Kenilworth CV8 1LW