Events and Workshops

Baby Sensory, Xcel Centre, Coventry 9.30am -2.30pm

Crazy Kiln are looking forward to joining in with all the fun at Laura's fabulous Baby Sensory sessions today (9.30am,10.50am,12.10pm,1.30pm) at The Xcel Centre, Canley, Coventry. We will bring along all our usual pottery selection to print your tiny little baby hands and feet onto - a great opportunity to make a beautiful gifts ahead of Christmas. 

Our printing table and display will be set up at the back of the room, so pop over during the break or before or after your session to have your baby prints taken or just to say hello and find out a bit more about what we create.

All pieces printed today will be returned for collection at your usual Baby Sensory session on Tuesday 5th November.

For more information about Baby Sensory in Coventry, here is the link to Laura's classes;