Upcoming Events

'Pottery Picnic' at Farmers Fayre, Stoneleigh

We are super excited to be at Farmers Fayre for a Paint-Your-Own Pottery event!

Between 10 and 2pm, we'll be hosting a 'Pottery Picnic" - a summertime paint-your-own pottery event suitable for both adults and children. (NB: Last 'picnic' will be at 1.45pm)

What is a 'Pottery Picnic' I hear you ask? Well, this is how it will work;

~ Choose your pottery from our selection

~ Hire one of our painting baskets

~ Borrow one of our picnic blankets (or bring your own!)

~ Find a picnic spot on the lawn (throw in a few picnic refreshments from the Farmers Fayre!)

~ And paint! (NB: During busy times, hire time will be limited to an hour)

~ Once finished, we will glaze and fire your pottery before returning it to Farmers Fayre at a later date for you to collect.

Alongside our 'Pottery Picnic' we will also be taking hand and foot prints onto pottery pieces for decoration by us, back in our studio. This will be by appointment, made on the day at the event (rather than our usual drop-in system). Just pop over to see us when you arrive and we can make an appointment for you. A great opportunity for family or school age children to have their prints taken.

Collection dates for paint-your-own pottery and hand/footprint pottery will be confimed at the event.

Farmers Fayre
National Agricultural Exhibition Centre
Stoneleigh Park